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12/30/2006: Come the first of the year, watch this space.

11/18/2006: Yup, that's the surprise. The end of the comic. If I start a new one I'll post it here so you can all find it.

10/7/2006: Next month I'll hit 150 comics and one year anniversary simultaneously, expect something big when that happens.

9/16/2006: Cop out days. Two one panelers in a row. I've got a better idea for the next one.

9/7/2006: Back from Canada! Also back in the swing of things. May finish up this day sometime soon.

8/30/2006: Working on a buffer so you don't miss any this weekend as I'm off to hang out in canada at CN expo.

8/15/2006: Title page! haven't had one of these for a while. Hopefully I'll have better planning between this one and the next one.

8/10/2006: On time this time. We'll see if I can go anywhere with this.

8/8/2006: Comic up late! Life gets in the way sometimes. That and I wasn't sure I wanted to do a 3 paneler.

8/5/2006: And we're back to the show. If I only had a script.

8/03/2006: First commercial break you ever get to see the commercials for, don't you feel special?

7/29/2006: The buffer is officially gone, doing comics the night before isn't so fun :(.

7/22/2006: Extra large comic because this is the 100th comic!

7/20/2006: Submitted to webcomic battle, I'll have a link here for you once it goes up.

7/16/2006: Site is redone. Shortly now I'm going to put a comic up on Webcomic Battle, when I do I'll have a link here so you can vote for me :).

7/6/2006: And the fun oddness starts today. Trying something a little different...
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